Ashley Graham's Secrets To Confidence Include Getting Naked And Eating Pasta

The ultra body positive plus-size model recently shared her secrets to feeling happy in her own skin. Now Ashley Graham is ready to let other women know how to love themselves. The 28-year-old Nebraska native is a size 16, but has made waves in the modelling industry for years and broken down a lot of barriers regarding body image. "Walking around your house butt naked builds your confidence." the stunner explains. "You have to see the things that you were told were imperfect your whole life. You actually see it and deal with it. Don't hide it away." [bctt tweet="Ashley Graham's Secrets To Confidence Include Getting Naked And Eating Pasta"] Flaunting your imperfections, even if it's just for yourself, can help you see them in a different light. Ashley has delivered an inspiring TED talk called, 'Plus Size? More Like My Size' which explained how her love for her body has freed her emotionally, mentally and physically. "Speak to yourself kindly in the mirror. If you're constantly telling yourself you're ugly, you're going to believe it." she says. "Once you actually look and talk to yourself, you'll get a connection." The Sports Illustrated model also revealed that happiness can come in many forms, including a 'big bowl of pasta'. Letting go and giving into temptation at times can be very satisfying. "I'm not afraid of my curves and my cellulite. You're only able to attain that when it comes from you." the sought-after model explains. What are your secrets to loving yourself and developing body confidence? Source: Daily Mail  

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