Ashley Greene Takes On Hollywood's Impossible Beauty Standards While Posing For Health Magazine

It doesn't matter how talented or able you are, in Hollywood, your next job may all come down to your looks. Ask Ashley Greene. It is hard to believe when looking at her July/August cover for Health Magazine but she says "I've been told I'm too fat." ashley2 She says that she has felt pressure in Hollywood:

"Yeah, there's always going to be pressure [in Hollywood]... Anyone who doesn't feel pressure is a really good liar. You're always going to be too skinny or too fat or too muscular, and I've gotten every single one of those."

Like many fellow actors, the 28 year old admits to trying fad diets to get in shape. She said, "I lasted a day on that cayenne pepper diet. It gave me a headache and I was really grumpy... It was like, 'This cannot be healthy.' I've done juicing and then quickly realized that I couldn't just do juices if I was gonna continue to work out the way I do. Right now, I feel the strongest I've ever been. At the end of the day, you have to allow yourself those things, as long as they're not a staple. You don't want to be the girl who's looking at the back label of everything."

Of her workout routine she says, "I try to be active every day. I work with my trainer, doing metabolic circuit training, three times a week, and I do kickboxing, which I really love. It's one of the most intense things because at a certain point you just stop thinking and react. It's a great way to get out aggression. I also do a VersaClimber class that's great because it's so much cardio, and you just sweat everything out."

Greene believes it is is impossible for everyone to look like a supermodel and has a really healthy attitude about body image and societal perception. "At this point, I care more about what people are saying about my acting ability than what I look like," she said.  "Listen everyone has a different perception of what they think perfect is, and you're never gonna be able to please everyone. It's so tough, but once you come to terms with that, it's a little easier to deal with. I feel strong and healthy and happy. Some people, like Gisele Bundchen, have crazy genes, and that's just what she looks like. But most of us are not 5'11" and don't look like that naturally."

That's truth if every I've heard it! You can only be you. What do you think of what Ashley has to say?

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