Ashtanga Sun Salutation A

When people ask me where to start in yoga, I always refer them to the Sun Salutations. The poses in the Sun Salutations provide a foundation to a yoga practice in that you get to learn how to move with your breath while learning how to engage your core and listen to your body. Sun Salutations, when practiced alone, provide a great and refreshing yoga practice, especially when crunched for time. Why not start your mornings off on in the right direction with this short practice? As always, honor your body where it's at. It's not about perfection; it's about progress. Keep coming back to your mat every day and you'll find that not only will your body begin to transform, but your mind, as well. The following Sun Salutation is from a style of yoga called Ashtanga. Ashtanga is a very physically demanding style of yoga, one of which links each movement with a breath, essentially turning the practice into a meditation in motion. Take notice to start the breath before the movement, and let it guide you into the next pose.   Sun Salutation A: Mountain pose csm_10__Samasthiti_a28ee7231b_b71160544a Inhale and raise arms overhead csm_01__Urdhva_Vrikasana_98d0ea8533_94eca93fb4 Exhale to reach for your feet in a forward fold csm_02__Uttanasana_A_df18c042ca_6b9dcf6428 Inhale and raise your heart to half forward fold csm_03__Uttanasana_B_7f107b919f_166d3e595d And while exhaling, step back into Plank then down to Chaturanga in a single exhale csm_04__Chaturanga_Dandasana_3fe4d171d5_f8b36ca876 Inhale into upward facing dog csm_05__Urdhva_Mukah_Svanasana_9902910d0a_23bed23096 Exhale into downward facing dog csm_06__Adho_Mukha_Svanasana_6c673bdc70_04c4564be6 Hold downward facing dog for 5 breaths 1...2...3...4...5... Inhale and step forward to the top of the mat into half forward fold csm_03__Uttanasana_B_7f107b919f_166d3e595d Exhale into forward fold csm_02__Uttanasana_A_df18c042ca_6b9dcf6428 Inhale to stand while raising your arms over head csm_01__Urdhva_Vrikasana_98d0ea8533_94eca93fb4 Exhale and lower your hands in prayer to your heart then lower them to your side for Mountain Pose Repeat 5 times       The images have been sourced from

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