Thanks to one of my Facebook Fans I decided to blog about this topic!

Gorgeous Emily is an Asthma sufferer and due to a recent cold her Asthma has been triggered!

Emily contacted me for advice as she has not been able to exercise since her Asthma and breathing difficulties were triggered so I thought I would share this with everyone in case anyone can relate or needs help too!

If you are an Asthma sufferer whether it be mild or severe then exercise can be a trigger if your Asthma is not under good control!

However, people with Asthma should not avoid exercising!!!!

As long as your Asthma is under control, exercising is recommended to keep your lungs and body healthy! (Check with your Doctor first)

Exercising will infact help you and your Asthma by: - Strengthening your breathing muscles

- Boost your immune system

- Keep a healthy body weight

All of these can improve your Asthma and health in the long run.

ITS A FACT! Having asthma does not mean you cannot exercise!!!

As an example there are many well-known Athletes that have managed their Asthma to successfully compete in their chosen sports!

Some tips: - Make sure you carry your inhalers and medication at all times

- Before exercising, warm up slowly by walking, stretching, and doing other low-level activities

- After you've finished exercising, cool down slowly for at least 10 minutes... Don't stop exercising all of a sudden!

- If you've been running, slowly take the pace down from a run to a walking pace.

- Protect yourself from other Asthma triggers while you're exercising (cold air, smog, pollen, etc)

- If you plan to run outside on a hot, humid, smoggy day, your Asthma is likely to be made worse, so try running indoors, in an air conditioned gym, instead.

If your Asthma is not well controlled, your airways will be more fragile and vulnerable to exercise.

If you find exercise makes your breathing a lot worse, it could be a sign that your Asthma is not controlled.

So my message here is, talk to your Doctor NOW!

Get your Doctor to give you your personal Asthma Action Plan and dont let your Asthma control you!


Questions welcome...

Love Gem xxx

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