At Work Workout!

People are always asking what types of exercises they could do at work! The answer is a lot! It of course depends on where you work and what you do, but there are several things you do while on the job! For example, I work in a salon. So yes, I'm on my feet and moving around but it's not like I'm running or moving very quickly. I'm just standing there essentially, working on clients hair. work   What I like to do in down time or slower days is lift weights! Yup! I said lift weights! I will pick up two of the biggest shampoo bottles we sell and use them at weights! It works and it's simple! Obviously the weight of the bottle isn't very heavy, but thats means more reps! Also, every building has a wall and a floor, right? Wall push ups, wall sits, or wall stretches are all great things you could do! Stand up and stretch! If you have a job where you are sitting most of the day, get up every so often and stretch! Tricep dips off of your chair or desk are a great quick and easy arm workout as well! Think outside of the box and get creative!    

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ClarkNib February 02, 2021

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