Your Attitude is Ruining Your Weight Loss Efforts

There are many things that can ruin your weight loss efforts, but your attitude can play a big part in it. If your mind is filled with negative thoughts, then you are already putting an obstacle in the way of achieving your goals, making it harder for you to even get started! It can be difficult to stay positive when you are desperate to see results instantly, but it's important to remember that it takes time to see your body improving. You didn't gain all of the weight in one week, so you aren't going to lose it all in one week (unfortunately). So how could your attitude be affecting your weight loss?   You give up every time you feel down it-takes-4-weeks-for-you-to-notice-your-weight-loss-tile_thumb2 We've all been there; you've worked your butt off all week and eaten nothing but clean, healthy food, yet you see no improvements, so you get downhearted (and either give up or turn to a tub of ice cream). It's totally normal to feel this way, but it's not good for staying on track for weight loss. You've worked really hard, so why give up when you could be so close to reaching your goals? Three-feet-from-gold Nothing worth achieving ever came easy, and if you give up you will never see the benefits from your hard work. Each time you quit and take time out from exercising and eating healthy, you are setting yourself back to where you started, meaning that you have to go through all of that hard work over again to get back on track. So instead of giving up every time you feel discouraged by your weight loss taking time, channel this energy towards reminding yourself how much you want to achieve the results, and how great you will feel when you do finally get there. Persistence is the key to weight loss; nobody ever achieved the perfect body without fighting for it. 36131-Will-It-Be-Easy-Nope.-Worth-It-Absolutely There will be times when you can't see the point in working out and eating well when the improvements aren't happening immediately, but there will also be times when you feel on top of the world because you can finally fit into some jeans that you had never thought would even fit over your hips again. One great thing you can change immediately (if you do it) is to stop looking at the scales. Your weight is not an accurate way to track your progress; it is far better to use a tape measure and keep a record of your measurements, or even just go by how your clothes feel. By constantly looking at the scales and wishing for the numbers to drop, you are just beating yourself up. One pound of fat takes up far more space in your body than one pound of muscle, so although you may not have lost any weight as far as the scales show (because you've been gaining muscle), your clothes may fit much better than they did before! 1lb-of-fat-1lb-of-muscle So stop looking at the scales....NOW! Next time you feel upset, just remember that nothing worth having ever came easy, and by giving up, you are just going to make it even harder for you to achieve.   When the going gets tough, you stop a1bfa3b661523822b933b275d3b6077f This is another thing we are all guilty of. During a workout, if an exercise becomes too strenuous or you get tired, it's tempting to put in less effort and convince yourself that it's ok. In reality, this is going to hinder your results. Anyone can cheat their way through a workout by not putting in 100%, and believe me, I've done it towards the end of workouts many times, but all you are doing is slowing the amount of time until you see an improvement in your body. It's hard to push when you feel like your arms or legs are screaming for you to stop, but keep going. With HIIT workouts, you are typically only exercising for a maximum of 20 minutes, so you can do it. The only thing stopping you is yourself; just push through the barrier of your mind telling you that it's time to throw in the towel, and go for it! 49f445f4cce6981e38f3d9b37caeefb8 Your mind and emotions will give up long before your body will because you are putting yourself through something that is out of your mind's comfort zone. If you aren't willing to push yourself through the times when your mind is urging you to stop, then you won't see results. l292804372 Obviously, if it is your body that is telling you to stop, then it's usually advisable to listen, as pain could mean that you have sustained an injury or that you are performing the exercise incorrectly; either of which aren't good for you.   Motivation is essential when you are trying to lose weight. Stop giving yourself reasons why you should quit, and start reminding yourself why you should keep going; why you should push harder than you've ever pushed before. Because you want to be a better version of you than you've ever been before! A negative attitude will only ever ruin your weight loss efforts, discouraging you from achieving your goals. On the path to success it is likely that you will encounter many obstacles; don't let your own attitude become one of them.   Sources:,,20793631_7,00.html

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