How To Attract Guys At The Gym

A lot of BodyRock’s lessons are about how to hiit it hard, eat clean, and get a better booty, but I’m going to talk about a far more important matter: how to attract guys at the gym. After all, women’s sole purpose is to make babies and fawn over men, right? Here are my top 8 tips for turning weight time into date time:
  1. Don’t listen to music, earbuds make you less approachable. Even though a good playlist can get you in the zone and make a run more enjoyable, it’s important to be open to any and all flirtatious comments from the gym gents.
  2. Location, location, location – Frequent the more male populated section of the gym – generally the free weights area. Even if you would prefer a cardio class, those are generally female-centric, and you’ll be less likely to meet a man.
  3. While in the weights section, be sure to drop weights on the ground “accidentally” so a big strong man can pick it up for you, a sure-fire conversation starter.
howtogym-flirt 4. Play dumb – be taught how to use a machine, even if you already know how to use it. The hotter the man, the dumber you should act. 5. Make sure not to sweat, as sweating will not only make your mascara melt, be sure to give your face an unattractive gleam, and possibly result in sweat stench. 6. Wardrobe is important, be sure to pick a skin revealing tank and booty shorts, don’t worry too much about comfort, you won’t be working out that much anyway. Hot-Russian-Girls-Working-Out-912 7. Never make sounds of exertion as grunting is masculine and unattractive. Opt instead for feminine sighs. 8. Remember to smile. Exhaustion leads to unflattering facial expressions, just another reason to keep your workout light at the gym. So… I look like an asthmatic tomato at the gym, and sound like a rhinoceros giving birth. BUT, if I go home, shower, pretty myself up, and head out on the town, then that’s the time to attract the men-folk, if I choose to do so. I’m not saying it’s impossible to get a date at the gym, I’m just saying that it shouldn’t be your priority. PS, it’s easier to attract some gentlemen callers when I look amazing in my slinky black dress because I went hard at my workout that day – just saying. (and in case you can't tell...we're totally kidding with the list)

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