Audrina Patridge's Diet And Workout Routine

It is no secret that Audrina Patridge has an incredible, banging, bikini body all year round. The 30-year-old works hard to keep herself fit and trim but she's learned a truly valuable lesson: life is all about balance. “I don’t think anyone should deprive themselves; it’s all about self control and balancing,” says Patridge. Proving that she is human, just like the rest of us, Patridge admits that she isn't afraid to let loose with her cheat meals. “It would definitely be an In-n-Out burger,” she says.  “A No. 2 animal style with an Arnold Palmer and fries!” She finds her balance in her exercise routine and her daily healthy eating habits. Patridge loves to hit up a local Pilates class when she's not on the road. She also works out 3 days a week doing what her trainer, Jarett DelBene, calls the 'body box routine.'   “We alternate rounds of boxing combinations that include punches and kicks with circuits of body weight–only strength moves,” he says. “It’s high intensity, so you burn lots of calories while you’re firming up. And because the exercises don’t use any gear, Patridge can stick to them whether she’s on the road or at home.” When she's not body boxing, she does cardio with strength training, body-weight training and exercises that target her core. When on the road, she keeps up a similar pace. “If the hotel has a gym I do 20 minutes of cardio and alternate days where I’ll switch between working only my butt, legs, back and calves, and then my arms and core,” she explains. As for what she eats in the course of a day, Patridge tries not to deprive herself of anything. While she admits to not being a fan of sweets, she makes room for indulgences in her otherwise healthy routine. Like she says, no one should deprive themselves. Her calorie total may seem a little high but when you consider her exercise routine, it makes sense! Here's a look at a typical day in Patridge's diet: Hydration: 66 oz. of water Breakfast Bowl of peach oatmeal with vanilla-flavored almond milk Greek yogurt with honey Glass of tangerine juice Lunch Greek salad with chicken Hummus and pita bread Arnold Palmer drink Snacks Handful of pistachios Almond-and-coconut Kind bar Dinner Four slices of salmon sashimi, three pieces of crunch roll, crab roll dipped in ponzu, wasabi and low-sodium soy sauce, edamame and miso soup One small Asahi beer Green tea ice cream Total Calories 2,130 What do you think of her diet and exercise regimen? Source: PEOPLE, Her Interest

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