Average-Janes Get A Photoshop Makeover

Buzzfeed decided to round up some regular-type ladies and put them through a full professional photo shoot, giving them the full gamut from make-up and styling through to photoshop, with some interesting results. The women seemed more perplexed or disappointed than anything else after seeing their cover model selves. There were a lot of powerful responses from them about identity, unattainable beauty standards, and ultimately being comfortable with who you are. I think it’s a really great message. Although, if I had the chance to do a professional photo shoot and get photoshopped the crap out of, I’d totally take advantage of that. Even if it was just to see the result. Photoshop1 Photoshop3 Photoshop2 Photoshopping Also, I think the message of accepting who you are is swell and all, but more than that, I think the real message you should get out of this is that photos lie. Actresses and models in magazines don’t look THAT amazing in real life, granted they still look pretty unbelievable. I’m just saying that if you’re glorifying a level of beauty that doesn’t actually exist, doesn’t that seem a little bit ridiculous? People need to be reminded of the degree of Photoshop that is used on models and actresses, I'm a fan of touch-ups, but most magazines go far beyond that.

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