What to Avoid Before Exercising

We put a lot of effort into our workouts, but what about the time leading up to them? Sure, we may have a routine of drinking lots of water or pumping ourselves up with our favourite playlist. But are we doing anything prior that’s counteractive to our fitness?

For example, stretching. Stretching is important, but save the static stretches for after you’ve finished the workout. Instead, try dynamic stretches such as arm circles, high knee marching and walking lunges. By continuously moving your joints and muscles instead of holding your stretches for a longer period of time, you improve your flexibility while helping reduce the risk of injury.

Another thing to skip before the gym is alcohol. Yes, even in small amounts. A single glass before a workout can result in drowsiness, dehydration, narrowing of blood vessels and impaired motor function. Skip out on the booze altogether and save the glass of wine for later.

Water is a great way to stay hydrated, but drinking too much can be obstructive to your workout. Chugging a ton before you exercise can leave you feeling sick and uncomfortable - which is never a good feeling. Drinking water before and during your workout is important, but don’t overdue it.

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