Why I Avoid Weight Loss Challenges and Why You Should Too

I am sure by now someone has offered you a chance to participate in a (insert amount of days)   weight loss challenge, cleanse, detox, or metabolism jump start right?  It is the hottest thing right now in the "diet" industry.  I want to put an emphasis on diet when discuss this topic.  A diet by definition is "a special course of food to which one restricts oneself, either to lose weight or for medical reasons".  This is very different from the healthy lifestyle approach which includes whole foods, regular exercise and essential supplementation.  In addition, most of these challenges require a purchase of a product and may even include compensation to the representative you purchase the product from.  The directions on most of the challenges are simple. 1)  You will avoid:
  • Fried foods, refined sugars, corn or white starches, or bread
  • Wheat products: bread, crackers, etc.
  • Dairy: cheese, yogurt, milk, white sauces or dressing
  • Alcohol
  • Coffee or soda
2) You will include:
  • their supplement shakes
  • their supplement packets
  • their caffeine source
So, my basic question is this: If you were to avoid most of the foods on their list, include whole veggies and whole grains, and avoid alcohol wouldn't you lose weight anyway? In addition, most programs want you to avoid coffee but supplement with their caffeine source which could be in the form of green tea extract, coffee bean extract, or even caffeine anhydrous.  Some of these supplements greatly overreach the recommended daily caffeine intake in just one serving.  90% of all soy products in the US come from GMO's giving a good cause to have concern over the ingredients in the supplements you are taking.  Sure, some  supplements can be a great tool in a healthy lifestyle, but  the best tool is tool is to eat whole foods and participate in regular diet and exercise.  

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