Awesome Energy Lifehacks #3: Do Yoga

Exercise is one of the best natural energy-boosting lifehacks, but you'll find that Yoga in particular is the best of the best. When you do Yoga, you calm your mind as well as your body. Your body drains of nervous tension, anxiety, and stress, thereby eliminating cortisol--the stress hormone--from your body. Cortisol actually suppresses energy production in the long term, so getting rid of that hormone is the key to having more energy throughout the day! [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="802"] Source:[/caption] As a bonus, Yoga will help to detoxify your body. Poses like Twisting Chair Pose will squeeze your kidneys and liver, as well as stimulating your core muscles to work hard. This will effectively push toxins from your organs, sending them toward the waste disposal exit. By the time you finish with a Yoga session--be it 10 to 15 minutes or an hour--you'll feel so much more relaxed and energized, and your body will be well on its way to eliminating the toxins that are causing your fatigue.  
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