Awesome Energy Lifehacks #4: Do Explosive Movements

If you feel your eyelids drooping, it's time to get out of your chair and do some exercises. You'll find that a quick workout can help boost energy levels, and nothing is more effective than explosive exercises. An "explosive" exercise is one that calls for sudden movement --think Squat Jumps (the jump part), Burpees (the squat to plank part), or Jumping Rope at high speed. You'll find that these explosive movements trick your nervous system into thinking that you will begin to do a lot of exercise, and it will start to function more effectively. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="589"] Source:[/caption] Explosive movements can help you to be more alert, so it's worth doing a set or two of your favorite exercise. Stick with 5 to 10 reps per set, and you'll find that you can boost energy production without using what little energy you have left at the end of a long work day. Bonus: Do a few explosive exercises before you work out, and you'll find that you have more energy to power through that weightlifting or cardio session!  
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