Awesome, HIIT love ... (34 Photos)

Happy Wednesday .... Kaz here Lisa's friend, I arrived yesterday to see my beautiful friend and spend 10 days in Spain. I've learned over the last few years to do what's important to me and not to worry about what people think. Most people would think coming to Spain eating healthy & circuit training everyday is a crazy, but I think everyone on here will understand that it's what we love to do & working out with a friend by your side sweating is the icing on the cake, esp when they love it as much as you do lol. It's what make me happy & when you are happy all the pieces of your life just seems to fit into place. Out here it so easy to eat clean, the fresh fruit veg is amazing and enjoying eating it in the open air is brilliant. This is my kind of holiday, going back stronger, fitter, healthier - It helps me re-set and remember whats important in my life & I will be going home once again feeling healthy & happy & ready for another little black dress season just around the corner. Seriously, it's amazing how much difference just 10 days makes for me, so if you too started today just think how great you will look when New Year comes round. It's much easier to get fitter when its warm anyway so there really is no excuse not to start. Have a great day all. Enjoy what ever makes you happy :)) Spread the love today with some quote's Lisa has picked for us all below. Kaz.xx [gallery ids="|"]   Get More in MyBlog - Here If you want to follow me in Spain just HIIT one of my Social Media options below.  

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