That Awkward Moment When You Climax At The Gym...

… Yes you read that right.   So many people these days refer to having a date with the gym – but this can get far more literal than some can imagine. Medical studies have now shown that core workouts can trigger orgasms in women – this has been coined by some as the “coregasm” – and it is far more common than one may think. Needless to say if you have ever needed further motivation to hit the gym or work those abs, now you have it!   A study discussed in a recent Daily Mail article showed that the most common culprit, or should I say your new favorite piece of gym equipment, is the captain chair. This equipment has padded armrests at a 90 degree angle to padded back support where you do abs exercises by way of engaging your abdominal muscles and lifting your knees to your chest or extending your legs straight out.  HOW NAUTI!  

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  The study mentioned that, of the women that came clean (with the general presumption that some did not based on the humility factor/pun not intended), the orgasm occurred because of the following reasons / activities: -          45% abdominal exercise -          27% weight lifting -          20% yoga -          16% cycling -          13% running -          10% brisk walks…… say what!   These exercised induced orgasms (EIO) are not just a one-time occurrence. Women that have had them are also quite likely (40%) to have them on a regular basis when undertaking the above activities. While, at first read, this entire scenario may seem great – getting fit and getting off at the same time (duh!) – it was found that most women do not enjoy the experience. Insecurities and embarrassment play a big factor in this, as the EIO is not a sexual event but rather a bodily process. An author of the study brought forth a rather straightforward explanation:   'Exercise revs up the sympathetic nervous system and, for women who are already quite sensitive, an increased heart rate, constricted blood vessels, and elevated blood pressure might just be enough to tip them over the edge.’   So if your husband, boyfriend, significant other, etc. gets word of this and is upset that a piece of metal or a simple crunch can send you to the moon and back while he still spends endless time searching for that mystical G-spot - at least you can ensure him this is no direct reflection of their efforts, or lack thereof! This new found knowledge could actually assist you in the bedroom. The possibilities are endless – my mind is just spinning with ideas!   On that note, just keep in mind that women next to you on the captain’s chair clenching her face, getting flushed and breathing a little bit too heavily perhaps give her a little bit of privacy as it may not necessarily be because the exercise is too hard for her.   Featured Image Source Source

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