Baby Got Arms

Here is my baby blaster arm workout. I can include my daughter and have her be an active part of my workout. This makes it easier on both of us and I like that she gets to see me doing physical exercise. That being said, babies take a lot of time. Those little adorable jerks. This makes working out a time sensitive, rushed situation. The second that cute little bugger wakes up, workout is over and you can forget about the shower. I literally went to the gym for 28 minutes the other day… 28 minutes. And no, I didn't get a shower. Because of these facts, I have tried to include my daughter in my workouts. I know there are a million "mommy and me" type classes but I personally don't find them challenging enough and because the child is usually attached to you, it limits the movements you can do. By placing my daughter in her Jolly-Jumper i am able to clip and unclip her when needed and use her (fairly) safely as a weight. I want to pause a moment and say that if you are unsure of your skill level, do not include your child in your workout. I often practise yoga with her on my mat and I am confident that I can do a chataranga without falling on her.   Here is what my workout looks like: Warm up - simple 5 to 10 minute warm up of light cardio. I like skipping or high knees as they are easy to walk away from and do in a small space. set 1:  baby bicep curls x 10  baby arms  downward dog push ups x10  [caption id="attachment_9707" align="alignnone" width="300"]downward dog push up downward dog push up[/caption] baby shoulder press x10  baby shoulder press
baby shoulder press
rest and tickle time  set 2:  plank x30 seconds  baby bent rows x10  baby arms4 mountain climbers x30 seconds kiss the baby push ups x max I repeat each set 3 times. DO NOT USE THE BABY IF YOU ARE UNSURE OF YOUR FITNESS LEVEL Dogs also work. I'm not joking. Ask my 60 lbs jerkdog. She 'loves' it.   I also suggest having a spotter the first time your try this.   I find this a great way to get an arm blaster in while I am at home. It isn't the same as an actual gym workout but it is just enough to get me through to my next fix. I have a very long road to recovery thanks to my 30 second c-section but by cramming in little workouts, I feel that I am improving my physical and mental state and I can face the day in a very positive, happy way.   You know when you go to the bank and they say something like 'five dollars in your savings account is better than no dollars..' I like to apply the same logic to my workouts. I can't workout for long and often have to stop in the middle but if I at least try I feel so much better. You don't have to win the marathon, you just have to take a few steps.

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