BABY GOT BACK! My Booty Backstory PLUS Realtime Workout!

AHHHHHH Yes! The beloved 'BOOTY'. The one ASSet we women may think about a lot. Show me a woman who gets dressed and DOES NOT turn around in the mirror to see how her 'butt' looks, and I will show you a baby who doesn't spit up. It just DOESN'T happen. I am by NO means in love with my booty, but I have come a LONG way in accepting it for what it is. Being a latina woman (who also happens to be half Greek!), I DO have some junk in the trunk. It was hard growing up in the suburbs of northern Virginia in the 80's and early 90's when all I wanted was a flat (YES flat!) enough ass to fit into my Guess jeans (remember the ones with the upside down triangle on the back???), and be able to wear a dress that didn't HUG my booty. It was hard finding clothing that didn't make my butt look bigger than it was since at that time, I feel clothing was made for people with no hips, butt, curves. Either that, or I was buying 1-2 size smaller than I should! Be that as it may, I can remember one day in my high school existence that will remain in my memory forever…... I was walking down the hall to my class, bell was about to ring. I was wearing a black tank dress with little designs on it. Not at all tight, but maybe a little fitted. Already a little self conscious about it, I hear 2 boys in back of me…"HEY YOU, IN THE BLACK SKIN SUIT." Are you kidding me? Was he talking to me? So I turned around, he smiled then said, "DO YOU WANT TO BE IN MY RAP VIDEO?" I really wasn't sure if he was joking or not, but I smiled and said, "That's funny. No thank you." Not sure if it was the black dress, or my butt that caught his attention, but when I think back on it now I say to myself, 'WHY THE HELL NOT!?' Let me tell you, if Pitbull, Jay-Z, P-Ditty, let's face it ANY HIP HOP/RAP artist, came up to me NOW and asked me to be in their 'RAP VIDEO,' I would say, ABSO-FREAKIN-LUTELY! Not sure if it's because I am more confident and accepting of my body (and booty), as I have gotten older, matured, had kids etc., OR if it's just that NOW in this day and age I personally don't feel the pressure to be the BEANPOLE DAMES IN THE MAGAZINES, (Click HERE if you are too young to remember this or have NO idea what this means). I actually KNOW that having a strong butt HELPS me. The glutes, or the muscle groups on your butt, are the biggest muscle group in the body. This is also the muscle that helps propel you forward. Having strong glutes have so many benefits! They help move your legs and your hips and can improve athletic performance whether it's with running, jumping/plyometrics and HIIT training and better yet, helping to prevent injury and stimulate stability. If that doesn't get you to want to work that butt, think about this. The true fact, that the more muscle you have, the more calories your body will burn. Since the glutes are the largest muscle group in your body, building, strengthening and tightening those muscles will not only help you burn more calories and fat, but will help you burn AT REST! So let's get started. Here is my BABY GOT BACK BOOTY CIRCUIT! The video is actually a realtime workout where you can join me and do the work for 3 rounds. If you are a beginner, start off with 1-2 of those rounds, intermediate 2-3 and advanced 3+. For 3 rounds, set your timer for: 29 Rounds, 30 seconds of cardio move (top number) and 50 seconds of weighted move (bottom number). You will complete the first 9 sets of exercises and then the 10th set is the 30 seconds of the cardio move and 50 seconds of REST. Then you will repeat it all again! Equipment used will be dumbbells, equalizer and weighted bar. BUT, I will give you alternatives, or you don't have to use any weight at all and STILL get a great workout. Here are the moves: The 30 seconds of work will be rocket launchers throughout. The exercises to follow for the 50 seconds of work are: 1) Pike Push ups 2) Alternating curtsy lunges 3) Wide Push ups 4) Bulgarian Split squats with press (right) 5) Bulgarian Split squats with lat raise (left) 6) Dips 7) Elevated heal plie Squats with curl 8) Reverse pull ups 9) Deadlift 10) REST THEN REPEAT!! Skip to the 3.00minute mark if you want to just start the workout. Want to see more workouts and information on health and fitness? "LIKE" my Facebook page and check out my website as well!

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