Baby Steps

Change takes effort, dedication, will-power, planning and most of all time. One of my old horse-back riding instructors used to tell me after frustrating rides, "Keep on working and you're going to have your 'A-ha' moment". There were days  - plenty of them - that I seriously doubted her words. Working alongside a 1200lb animal can get frustrating and at times it seemed impossible that my horse would ever understand what I was asking him to do. Little did I know that every lesson we were making baby steps. My A-ha moment came on a day I did not feel like riding. My last lesson had been, what I thought to be, a complete failure. However, I got on that day, warmed up and got to work. About 15 minutes had passed when all of a sudden it happened; something clicked and it was as if my horse and I both said "Oh! That's what you're trying to tell me!" Despite my doubts, my moment came and progress was made not in baby steps but in leaps and bounds! 302110_10150403437318573_1031110_n Like training for any kind of activity, it is often difficult to see the progress we are making. Whether it be in the weight we lift, the distance we run or the amount of reps we can do in 50 seconds, these baby steps are often mistaken for a plateau. I have found myself asking the question "Why am I not seeing any results?" numerous times; but I have to remind myself that my body is changing even if I can't see it quite yet. Today I was able to complete my first full triangle pushup not on my knees, and I didn't just do one but I was able to do two! Now two pushups may not seem like a lot, in fact it caught me off guard how excited I was about to lousy pushups. But no matter how small the progress is, it is still progress! You're A-ha moment is coming, you just have to keep taking the baby steps to get there! In text image credit to: Jaye Tatone

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