The Baby Workout: Should You Workout With Baby?

Finding the time for working out when you’re a parent is tough - there’s already enough to do and parents often put themselves last. We know it’s a busy, hectic, heaven and hell swirl of both head splitting exhaustion and unbridled bliss, but you CAN still make parenthood work for your body. Many people use their babies in their workouts as extra resistance, and this is awesome. After all, your baby is a sweet, smiling, and sometimes drooling source of motivation - this makes your baby workout even more fun. They provide some snuggly extra weight for squats, presses, curls and pullovers. You can get one of the most amazing full body workouts with your baby! Combine this with some quality stroller time, and you've got the pounds peeling off! But this post is not about how to workout with baby. It’s about if you should. (If you’re looking for some post-baby fitness motivation, check out one of our sexy and fit Mommy Body Rockers!) Here’s the best advice we can give you: If you feel like you shouldn’t/can’t do something, DON’T do it! This goes double if you are new to working out. Your baby can cheer you on from the sidelines. Trust your instinct on this front. Seriously. (We’ve seen someone run on a treadmill with a 13 month old on their shoulders, so we really can’t plead the case of common sense enough.) The Baby Workout Alternative: If you don’t have dumbbells, barbells, sandbags or standard forms of resistance, there are plenty of alternatives. Here’s one of our favorites: THE JUG! Use your empty jugs of laundry detergent, vinegar or antifreeze to your advantage! Rinse these suckers out and fill them with water, sand or stones and BAM! - you’ve got instant resistance training at no cost. We’re all about at home training, and this means getting the best full body workouts without having to drop the cash for equipment. Let us know about your creative (and safe!) alternatives!

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