Could Your Back Pain Be Blamed On This?

We tend to say sleeping wrong, lifting something strange or poor posture are the main culprits of back pain. But did you know your clothes may also be to blame? (Say what?!) Outfits that are too tight, stiff, or constricting can limit your range of motion. This causes more stress and strain to fall on your back, neck and shoulders, increasing pain. So what are the top outfit offenders? Skinny jeans, pencil skirts, and compression clothing or shapewear. But don't throw out all your clothes just yet! Instead, opt for fabrics with a bit of stretch to them and choose a size that’s fitted -not skintight. General rule of thumb: You should be able to easily slip a finger under the waistband of jeans, skirts, and compression gear without feeling like you're suffocating. If you feel the need to unbutton your pants after eating, you should size up. Other culprits for back and neck pain are your bras and sports bras. Thin straps or halter-style straps don’t distribute weight evenly across your shoulders. Instead, pressure is concentrated into one small spot, which forces you to slump. This problem isn't just determined by size and weight of breast either! This is even a problem for women with smaller cup sizes.

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