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Some things can make you feel depressed and frustrated.  For some it may make you tired, or so anxious it's hard to calm back down.  At times can be a hard challenge to pull yourself out of a dark state of mind.  Sometimes life has it's ups and downs but three things reamain constant in my life family, close friends, and exercise.  For me these are my basics.   I wanted to write this   because I recently have read some of your comments on the site about how exercise has helped to stabalize your moods and make your state of mind clearer, and more focused.  If you are feeling sad, exercise may be the last thing on their mind, but it's one thing that  can give you immediate relief and make you feel better. Since I've made BodyRocking part of my daily "basics" I have felt much better not just physically but inside as well - emotionally and mentally.

The point is that BodyRockers don't give up - not when pumping out those last reps and certainly not on ourselves or each other. In many ways BodyRocking covers 2 of the 3 "basics" - exercise, but also friends and family. The community of people from all over the world that connect on the site is like one big, positive and supportive family. It's a safe place to be when you need to reach out for words of encouragement. Part of the reason that Lisa, Freddy & I each spend so much time here on facebook and on the site is to be there for those of you who need a little bit of extra support and help, and when I looked at my own experiences I thought that I might be able to encourage those, like myself who have at times felt down. We are here for you guys.



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