Bad Ass S-Hitt - HiitCombat #3

. .. Hi BodyRockers, . Hi BodyRockers, Do you need motivation for winter  ? This is mine… It might help you too. It’s cold & crappy (not all over the world lol) but most places like the UK. Its dark by 4pm and its cold and with the cold and dark nights you just want to eat crappy things & then what happens ? You fall into a rut ? you spend the nights watching crappy TV that you don’t even like and end up staying up too late and picking on foods you wouldn’t normally consume all night long & then because u slept late you waking up feeling like s*it ? …. I totally hear you !!! Time to turn it on its head #bodyrockers. See this as an opportunity to prepare for all those months when the weather is amazing & you want to feel epic  and its not sh*t weather – yeah so it’s dark, yeah I know, it’s crap weather, but thats the great thing about it. People make epic clothes for all these occasions – purchase it. Believe me your missing NOTHING on the TV & the dark nights are only good for HI Vis Jackets, great tunes on you’re iPod and running the streets !! THIS IS IT – you can totally concentrate on your body right this second !! theres nothing you are missing out on … So when the time comes and everyone is ‘dieting’ for the summer, you are upping your game just a bit more to get the final results you want as the summer weather will automatically kick this in. So while others choose to let December – March take them down that road of depression and food eating & crappy Tv watching … I challenge you to turn off the TV, unplug your internet at night, keep those DVDs for another time & take these boring months as a gift. See it as your ”prep time”. I want you see it as your time to train in the dark while others choose the chocolate & crisps route … this is your time to steam up you’re windows and feel like you are making this winter your B*tch, not the other way around. I swear it works. Kaz & I used to run in snow up to our knees lol – I even hit the gym for even 30 mins of HIIT on xmas day with Mr Steve Powell, all the time saying ”I know it’s hard but others are just sat watching TV so it’s better than that & I feel better knowing I’m not doing the other option I could have taken” You have to just ask yourself what is it you want ?? and dam well focus & go for it !!!!! I believe in you – You’ve got this ! ... . HiitCombat Workout Video: . Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 12.06.28 PM . .. [wobreakdown] . Workout Breakdown: . Set your interval timer to  to 50 Seconds work & 10 Seconds Rest - Complete All Rounds. Try for three time through :) . 10971_411335048956986_2084454780_n 225207_411335198956971_3097981_n . Workout Breakdown Pictures: . 1. 295673_411314625625695_1647156504_n 2. 482424_411314642292360_994999738_n 3a. 11335_411314692292355_1726305707_n 3b. 31910_411314635625694_1270961319_n 3c. 374400_411314685625689_397254605_n 3d. 482786_411314672292357_1560439740_n 3e. 75584_411314708959020_484891994_n 4. 577289_411314722292352_231758044_n 5. 574947_411314718959019_1143019906_n 6a. 69291_411314768959014_482342700_n 6b. 563425_411314765625681_1143238061_n 8c. 734464_411314762292348_484026090_n 7. 542721_411314792292345_990041811_n ..


Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 9.55.55 PM Screen-Shot-2013-09-15-at-11-1.46.33-AM

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