Bad boys: why we know we shouldn't date them, and do anyway

No Doubt once asked the question, "Why do the good girls always want the bad boys?" It is an age old question we've pondered for generations, but the truth remains that no matter how much we get warned, some of us just can't resist. bad boys dating men love relationships The bad boy, the wild child. The one who's a little dangerous, a little edgy, a little troubled. Movies make us believe that, no matter his past, the bad boy will be good for that one girl who comes along and changes everything. You. 222 But this isn't true. Often times you can't change someone, and you'll miss out on a lot of life if you try to buckle down and give it a go. He'll still pick fights at the bar, he won't quit smoking, he'll still wear leather even though you're a's a vicious cycle. bad boys men relationships dating love Bad boys come with their own set of risks: the main one being that they will break your heart. Not to say a bad boy can't or won't have feelings for you, but he won't know how to treat them. You'll put your delicate happiness in his hands and he'll drop it. bad boys dating love relationships men So next time you're tempted by a James Dean daydream, maybe consider your heart. Although, no one said anything about not having a little fun ;) Share with us your stories of love! Have you ever fallen for a notorious bad boy?

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