Do You Have Bad Gym Etiquette?

Are you considerate when you are at the gym? Do you always say hello to the people working the counter and wipe down every machine after each use? Are you leaving weights on the floor or putting them back where they belong?

It turns out a lot of us are not pulling our weight at the gym and personal trainers and gym workers are noticing. In a study done by Nuffield Health, a U.K health firm, where they polled 2000 people, 74% said fellow gym goers were guilty of bad gym etiquette.

49% admitted to using towels and water bottles that weren’t theirs.

33% didn’t wear deodorant.

18% worked out when feeling sick (including sneezing and coughing)

16% admitted to not washing their own gym clothes between uses.

These results are shocking, not only do 1/3 people not wear deodorant but people aren’t washing their dirty sweaty clothes!

Besides basic hygiene there are a few things you can focus on when at the gym that will make sure you are being considerate to others.

1. If you are sweating all over the equipment take the time to get the cleaner/sanitizer, place some on a paper towel and wipe the machine clean that you just used, this is common sense but every time I go to the gym I see this not happening.

2. Do not sing out loud to your music, you are allowed to listen to whatever you want, same with the rest of us, just because you love a certain song doesn’t mean everyone else wants to hear it. Celebrity trainer Michelle Lovitt says “Singing in the gym is not only distracting to gym members, its flat-out annoying! Sing in your head or in the shower so the only person you’re distracting it yourself.”

3. Don’t hoard all the free weights. If you need 4 o 5 sets of weights, use one pair at a time and always return the weights to their correct resting place. It sucks looking for a pair of weights and not being able to find them because they are in the completely wrong location.

4. Please DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT hit on me when I am at the gym working out. This is just not the place to use that ridiculous pick-up line you have been practicing in your head all day. Yes I understand if you are getting signs from someone then pursue that but if you are interrupting someone’s workout to hit on them…DON’T! Author of the book “The 30-Second Body” Adam Rosante says this is “one of the biggest reasons women tell me they’re intimidated by the weight room.”

5. Talking to you friend/friends. I have to admit I am guilty of this, my gym buddy Lamby and I can’t stop talking between sets. Apparently 32% of gym goers admit to interrupting their workouts to talk with friends. I understand why this is annoying and will actively try to work on it.

By following these few steps you will be a great gym rat. Trainers and workers will like you and not dread the sight of you.

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