Are YOU a Bad Trainer??

I want you to ask yourself today "How am I training my body"? Most of us understand the concept of training our muscles in a particular way to get a desired result. The type of exercise you choose i.e. BodyRock- Hiit, running, heavy weights etc. all yield different results.   But have you thought about how you are training your body with food??  That's right, every day at every meal you are training your body, by how you feed it!  There is a HUGE connection between what you eat and how you feel!  Yet so many people don't listen to their body speaking to them through symptoms! Ask yourself:
  • Are you providing your body with refined sugars and carbohydrates that get burned for fuel so quickly that your body gets hooked on this "quick fix" for energy?
  • Are you starving your body and causing it to go into "preservation" mode where it wants to store everything you feed it in case you decide to over-expend your energy without giving it any fuel afterward?
  • How about that 3pm crash that sends you running to the vending machine or crabbing a coffee??
  • Have you trained your body to "expect" a sweet treat after dinner or before bed and now its become so use to this habit that it sends you intense cravings that you just can not ignore???
Your body is super smart, but here is the thing! YOU CONTROL IT!! That's right, you are the boss. So if its behaving in ways that are detrimental to your goals, it is simply because you are sending it the wrong message or not providing it with the right raw materials to do its job properly!! The great news here- YOU can fix it! Almost everything we do in life is a habit! From how we speak to how we move and even how we treat people. These things are ingrained in us because we do them every single day, many times a day. If you want to improve your body, lose weight and experience vibrant energy and health, become a better trainer ! Teach your body better habits!! That's why I've joined forces with BodyRock to help you take charge of your body and get the most out of their amazing Hiit workouts!  We want to make this so easy, you can't fail!!  Just take note of the tips I share every week and slowly work them into your life.  Before you know it, you'll have created a "new normal"!! Just remember,  habits require change and change takes time. So stop being so hard on yourself and stop chasing the "quick fix"!  Together we can do this!! Hiit Nutritionist -Ciara Foy

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