Bake Your Own Kale Chips With This Fun and Healthy Recipe (Video)

When it comes to eating well, you want to make sure you create a healthy relationship with food. Eating nutrient-dense snacks and meals is a surefire way to ensure you feel your best, but it's also important to not get bored by the same old same old. And while many of us used to know kale as a simple garnish on our plates, it's made waves in the past few years as a must-try superfood. But if you're starting to get sick of that kale smoothie or salad, then perhaps it's time to switch it up. making kale chips You know those salty, fatty and most likely overly processed potato chips you hate to love so much? Kale chips are a great alternative, and Talya Lutzker, Grokker cooking expert, has the yummy, crispy recipe for you. "These are one of the most nutrient-dense snacks on the planet," she says. In this video, Lutzker notes that, while most kale chips you find in the store have been dehydrated, her recipe allows you to bake them at home for the fraction of the price. This recipe is made with soaked cashews, raw tahini, red bell peppers, nutritional yeast, keltic sea salt, lemon juice, cumin, turmeric, onion powder, raw garlic, cayenne pepper and more healthy and fun ingredients. Have you tried baking kale chips at home? Source: Fitness Magazine

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