Balancing Life: Are you a Fitness-Maniac or an "I'll Start Tomorrow"-Broken Record?

Creating balance in your life is so important!  Whether you are wavering on the side of not putting enough effort into your health and fitness, or you are like myself and you have a goal in mind, so you workout and focus on nutrition so much so that it takes away from your personal time.  No matter which way you bend- there is always room for more balance in your life!

....When to Work?

Job, family, friends, commitments, and so forth and so on!  When do we ever really have time to workout...?  You wont, unless you MAKE time.


When you neglect your health and fitness- you're effectively tearing down your self worth and image.  It feels lonely and depressing to know you should be striving towards your goal, but you don't have the courage to give up your excuses and just DO IT!  ...I know because I have had those days.  Choosing cocktails and couches instead of yourself does not feel good in the long run...

Health & Wellness

For a life worth living- you've got to work for it!  When is it too much; are the pilates & yoga classes taking over your life?


I've also had the days where I've miss out on family events or friends who need some girl-time, and I end up losing out on life!  Yes, it is awesome to have goals that you want to reach, and the dedication to make it happen! ...But life is happening all around you, and if you don't take part in it sometimes, all you'll be left with is a hot bod/good health and no one to share it with.

So where do you fall:

Fitness for Life! OR Summer Workouts...No Thanks!


If you find yourself glancing at the workout plans or weights and you sigh & walk off:

Find inspiration within The Daily Hiit community, check Instagram for inspiring body photos, or walk around in your chonies for half an hour and see if you feel happy with how you feel at the end of it…


If you are working out and doing meal prep (what feels like…) nonstop:

Then make your new healthy habits PART of your personal life- ask friends to try a new Pole Dancing Fitness class together, make your healthy meals with your significant other/friends, or even start a weekend morning group with neighbors to do a bike ride and then go have breakfast!


  We all have goals we want to meet & a a lifestyle of fitness and wellness that we someday wish to obtain.  Let's start TODAY and make THIS DAY a balanced one.   Cheers&Love, London

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