Balls 101: What He Doesn't Want You Doing To His Crown Jewels

Handle with care! Balls are that delicate, complicating factor of his anatomy that can be slightly confusing to us. Your man loves when you play with his package, but here is a run down of exactly what he doesn't want you doing with his balls: coconuts Grab Them Roughly Handle his balls like you would handle...oh, expensive organic free run eggs. Gently and softly. He doesn't want you reaching down there with too much overzealous aggression! Tug On Them This will not turn him on no matter what the situation. Maintain your soft and gentle touch. Squeeze Them They aren't stress balls! Bite Them Sucking is totally fine if it's with light pressure, but don't get your teeth involved. Studies show men don't respond well to teeth in their nether regions. So what does he want you to do with them? Cup Them During Doggy His boys are super accessible at this angle, so reach back and cup them with your hand. This will add extra stimulation for him, and he will love it! Guaranteed. Ice Them  Take an ice cube from the freezer and hold it with your fingers or between your teeth. Rub his balls with it for a few seconds and lick his area right afterwards. The hot and cold alternation makes for a super arousing experience. Double Down Make sure to pay attention to his balls while you're working on his shaft. Give them some sucking action or a little fondling. What are some huge turn on secrets that you use to get your man going? Let us know!

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