Balls to the Wall

This workout can be done almost anywhere. All you need is a wall, ball and timer. I’m using an 8 lb medicine ball in my workout today, obviously the lighter the ball the easier, so pick a weight that’s challenging. Good luck and let me know how it went!
Equipment: Open Wall Space, Medicine Ball and Timer
Set your timer for 6 rounds. 50 seconds of work and 10 seconds rest
Complete 3 rounds.
Warm up  5-10 minutes
1. Wall Ball Shots   Squat and toss medicine ball, catch it on your way down
2. Wall Knee Tucks  Abs tight- alternate drawing knee to chest
3. Wall Sit   Squeezing medicine ball between your knees
4. Hand Stand use wall for balance  or Wall Walk ups
5. Wall Glute Press – keep hips lifted and glutes tight
6. Medicine Ball Burpee Pushup Toss
Cool Down and Stretch after your 3rd round

Here's the video for the workout breakdown

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