Band Assisted Workout #1: Shoulders

I love to super-set resistance bands with my shoulder workouts.  This really gets the blood flowing and gives that extra push to turn your body into a fat burning machine.  Be sure to warm up your shoulders without weights before you begin this workout.  Shoulders are one of the easiest muscles to injure due to the many internal moving parts.  After you have warmed up give this workout a try.  I have included a short video on how to do the band movements at the end of the workout description. You should only need your resistance bands and a set of dumbbells that you can safely lift.  Shoulders do not require a lot of weight for the front and lateral movements so you may want to focus on a lighter weight and proper form for this workout.



Seated Shoulder Press      3x10

Band Shoulder Press        3x30 sec

Superset #2

Plate Front Raise              3x10

Band Front Raise             3x30 sec

Superset #3

Dumbell Lateral Raise    3x10

Band Lateral Raise          3x30 sec

Reverse Band Flye          3x30 sec



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