Bang It Out Workout & Love Me Long Time Workout

Workout Break Down Set your interval timer and go!! 1. 25 Squat Kicks using pink Sandbag 2. 25 Side Lunges 3. 25 Squat Jumps 4.  25 Reverse Grip Pull Ups using the (chin ups) the pink Equalizer 5. 25 Rows with pop up (every 5 pop down and up) using pink Sandbag 6. 50 Rotational Wood Chops 25 Per Side pink Sandbag 7. 25 Monkey Push Ups 8. 25 Foggies 9. 4 Elbow to Knee 4 Opposite Knee to 4 Elbow Aligator the pink Equalizer 10. 25 Back Farts 11 25 Scisors 12. 25 Plank Pulse 13.  25 Toe Touches 5 Per Side 14. 25 Jump Arounds 15.  25 Dive Bombers Workout Breakdown: Set your interval timer 50 seconds work with a 10 second rest. Complete the workout below – Twice if you have it in you ;) 1) All your ab crunch 2) Oblique ab crunch alternating – Elbow to Knee 3) Around the world abs 4) Knee Tuck & V Abs 5) Cross Under Abs – Alternate Between Left & Right As we get ready to launch the new website and new seasons of workouts here on October 15th, we are going to be revisiting some of our favourite and most popular workouts. Think of it as a run up to the new challenges that will be kicking off, and a warm up to getting in the best shape ever! Enjoy your workout! Friend Your Trainers on Facebook: BodyRock Main Facebook Here Lisa-Marie Facebook click Here Sean’s Facebook page click here Freddy’s Facebook page: click here *New Lish’s Facebook page: here *New Haley’s Facebook page: here

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