Bangarang (Real Time Workout!)

This workout was VERY HARD! And quite HILARIOUS at the same time! As I am powering through this real time workout, my 3 year old son came home early from school! I was interrupted, but I didn't stop recording. This is real life :-) my life. So, funny enough, he makes an appearance!  Also, you can't see her, but you can hear my mother-in-law, too! Just another day on the job! I'm telling you all this because I know what it's like to try to get in a workout, but things happen and we are distracted or interrupted. Hopefully, you can just keep pushing through and ignore the last part of the workout where Niko is having a good old time getting noticed! LOL! Alright, Here's the workout breakdown: You will need your Gymboss Timer, Your Ultimate Sandbag, a mat, and your Ugi ball. Any interval timer will do, any weights will do, and any ball will do. For the First part, set your timer for 15 Rounds, 10 Seconds for mountain climbers, and 50 seconds for work. That's right, no rest! 1. Ugi Squat Pulses 2. Dive Bomber Push Ups 3. Rope Pulls 4. Sandbag Lunge/Squat Pulses 5. Ninja Jump Tuck Burpees For the Second Part, set your timers for 8 Rounds, 10 Seconds for 1/2 Burpees, and 1 MINUTE High Knees Jump Rope. Again, NO REST! Enjoy and good luck to you, you'll need it!

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