Bangin' Legs and Booty **WORKOUT**

Ever since I finished my half marathon in May, I have focused mostly on HIIT, strength training and sprints. To avoid overtraining, I had to limit this type of training during my prep for the half with all the long training runs and running during the week I was doing. In the past month, with focusing on strength and HIIT, I have gained lean muscle mass, and have also lost the last few pounds I was carrying from pregnancy (giving birth 6 months ago). I feel stronger and have more energy than ever! The workout below is just a sample of the type of workout I will do, but also happens to be one of my first workouts I designed for my boot camp class this summer. It has a lot of lower body focus, but you can pair a few of the exercises with upper body work by doing the following: 1) ADD shoulder presses to the squats. You don't have to do the full 100 squats with presses, but maybe every 20 reps. 2) ADD bicep curls to the walking lunges. You can change them up by doing regular bicep curls, to hammer curls. 3) ADD tricep kickbacks to the curtsy lunges. Make sure you keep your elbows CLOSE to your sides if doing so. If you are NOT at a field, for the sprints you can do skipping rope for 1 minute or high knees for 1 minute. Keep it fun! For the frog jumps at the end, you can keep them stationary if doing it inside, and then add the plank walkout. Video below to demonstrate moves! booty rep workout Want to see more workouts and information on health and fitness? Check out my Facebook and my youtube page as well!
Photo Credit: Erin Simmons

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