Banish Body Fat With These 12 Easy And Safe Tricks!

Shed some stubborn flab easily, quickly, safely and sustainably! Try these 12 tricks to get your butt back into those skinny jeans and your tummy toned up. #1 Fuel With Fibre It's known that fibre makes you feel full while providing your body energy. Eating more fibrous foods like beans, whole grains and veggies such as artichokes and avocados! #2 End Your Love Affair With Soda The empty calories in sugary sodas aren't doing you any good. Say goodbye to fat - causing drinks and hello to H2O. #3 Get Your Beauty Rest Sleep aids your metabolism and balances your hormones. A lack of it can cause weight gain and increased fat storage. #4 Lift, Bro Getting lean is easier when you strength train. It also programs your body to burn calories even when you're not working out. #5 HIIT It High intensity interval training is a time saving super-workout! You burn way more fat with faster, more intense exercise than slower, longer routines. Try one of our workouts to get started! #6 Chug-A-Lug Fire up your metabolism by drinking lots of water! #7 Switch To Organic Pesticides in non-organic foods can lower your fat burning power and fill you with toxins. Chow down on local, organic produce when possible. #8 Eat Your Breakfast Wake up your system with a healthy breakfast full of good-for-you carbs, protein and fresh fruit. #9 Shake It Up No time to prepare a hearty morning meal? Throw a banana, protein-powered Greek yogurt and some flaxseed into a blender and go! #10 Get Your Fats Straight Healthy fats like Omega-3s found in avocados and salmon are essential to staying well and losing weight. #11 Be Harsh On Starch Starchy carbs like bread, pasta and potatoes can leave you with a little extra flab. Get smart with carbs and eat whole grains, whole wheat pasta and sweet potatoes! #12 Get Proportionate Portion size is important to combat overeating. Begin recognizing when you're full and cut your plate size down accordingly. You may find eating smaller, more frequent meals helps you lose more weight than consuming three big servings each day. Share you slimming tips with us!

 Source: Elite Daily


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