Bare-Faced Selfie Fails

I’m sure you’ve noticed, and possibly participated in the bare-faced selfie trend that is sweeping the social media outlets. The #nomakeupselfie trend started as a UK fundraising campaign for cancer research. After tremendous success, not only in the UK, but worldwide, the message slowly started getting diluted. It has now become more about promoting natural beauty than it’s intended message of cancer awareness. Not that I’m bashing natural beauty campaigns, I’m aaaall about the natural beauty movements. It’s just that professing your bravery for posting a picture of your make-up-less face is a bit too self-indulgent to genuinely benefit those actually suffering from cancer. bare-faced selfienomakeup-selfie-viral-trend The article “why you’re bare-faced selfies aren’t really helping anyone” goes into a bit more detail about the problem with the trend, and is honestly a bit harsher than I’d put it. I don’t exactly share her opinions that the bare-faced selfie trend is in no way benefitting cancer research anymore. I also don’t believe that everyone who posts a bare-faced selfie these days are just doing it for their own vanity – people do genuinely want to help, I’m not so jaded as to dismiss that. She does however have a lot of valid points about how people are going about contributing to the cause, and what people should be doing instead. bare-faced selfie2 I won’t reprimand anyone who wants to participate in this trend, BUT what’s important to take away, is that if you do post a bare-faced selfie, be sure to add a link to a site that will benefit cancer research with it.

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