What Baring It All in the Locker Room Can Do For Your Self Esteem

Since middle school, there have always been two types of girls - the ones who have no qualms shedding clothing in a crowded locker room and the ones who try to master slipping their undergarments off by awkwardly tugging them through their sleeves and pant legs, hellbent on not being caught in the nude. anigif_enhanced-buzz-27564-1388709273-19 A turning point usually comes when we are two or three years old. We stop stripping off our clothes and basking in our birthday suits, and learn the importance of covering up. Over the course of our primitive years, we learn different ways of viewing our body. While one can be confident and be modest, there is a sense of freedom that comes with baring it all. To bare it all is to release a lot of fears we hold on to. Maybe every time you think of your naked self, you are reminded of a hurtful comment from a boyfriend or a taunt from a mean girl in high school. We tend to hold onto every harsh word a person says to us and let it rule how we think and act. To bare it all is to say "I'm not going to let that person effect me anymore" and to completely let go. Look at getting in the buff as a test to see how far you can push your comfort zone. You'll find the more times you strip down, the less you will notice or care. Remember, you're not in school anymore and women at the gym will likely not care that you're au natural or will admire your fearlessness. Let us know what you think! Are you brave enough to bare it all?

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