Base Jumping With Hooks In Your Skin: Insanely Cool Or Totally Dumb?

I really hope this doesn't become a trend. One San Francisco man enjoys spending his time base jumping off mountains. A little dare-devilish, yes. Now add in the fact that his parachute is hooked into his SKIN.   It's called 'suspension jumping'. These images from The Telegraph provide an up-close look at what is now Josh Miramant's favourite sport. "Distracted by the hooks in my back, I hoped I wouldn't make a mistake cane cause a fatal dangerous body position." Josh recounted one of his insanely risky leaps from a mountain in Thailand with his trusty parachute attached into his epidermis.   Josh is one of only 11 people in the world who has gone suspension jumping. The 28-year-old teamed up with a suspension jumping 'expert' named Stanislav 'Stas' Aksenov to learn the proper procedures of the sport and get his hooks pierced into his flesh. (I think I'm going to pass out) During his trip to Thailand, Josh jumped 21 times in suspension style without any accidents. “I honestly thought it would’ve ripped the skin, but it’s pretty amazing how sturdy it is and remarkable how not painful it was." Josh insists. "The catch of the canopy is just this relief and rush, about the same time the pain would be firing. It was a pretty amazing surprise for a person with no context of any self-mutilation.” So what is your verdict? Insanely cool or totally dumb? Source: Sports Vice  

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