Be Careful: Here Is What Fruit Labels Actually Say About The Fruit You Are Buying

So much of our food these days comes from dubious sources. They are refined and processed in ways that would require an advanced chemistry degree to even understand. They contain ingredients impossible to pronounce. How do you even know if it is food? We know to read labels on packaged foods and even have an idea of what to avoid. In looking to bypass these harmful ingredients, most people try to purchase fresh, whole foods. If you want to avoid the bad stuff, might as well head straight to the source, right? You have no doubt noticed by now that the fruit you buy often comes with a label. And you may have found yourself wondering what exactly that label means. Wonder, no more! If the fruit label has four digits that begin with either 3 or 4, it means the fruit has been produced using intensive agriculture from the second half of the twentieth century. This means artificial fertilizers and pesticides have been used. crave healthy eat with other healthy eaters If the product has five digits, beginning with an 8, it has been genetically modified. Genetically modified ingredients are something many people are hoping to avoid so this is important information. If the product has five digits beginning with a 9, it means the product has been grown in traditional ways. It means the fruit has been grown by methods used for thousands of years and is pesticide free and organic. This is, of course, the product that would be most beneficial to you as it has not been bathed in chemicals that can produce harmful effects in your body. Do you read labels on your fruit? Source: Viral Alternative News

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