Be good to your body: know when to take 5

REST DAY! Do you take one every week? Do you take two? The importance of rest and listening to your body often gets overlooked whether you're starting your fitness journey, or if you are a long time workout junkie. For some, rest day is a no-brainer. Some look forward to it. For others, it can get a little complicated... So much of our fitness and working out is  incredibly mental, isn't it? Having struggled in the past with my body perception and eating disorders, resting did not come easy for me. Especially when you are taught the importance of pushing your limits to see greater results, and finding motivation every day. IT IS GOOD to work hard, push yourself, and stay motivated. But allowing your body to rest and recover is equally as important. What happens when you rest?
  • Your body is replenishing energy lost after vigorous workouts
  • Muscle fibers that were broken down during your workout are now being repaired (this is when muscle growth actually takes place; when you're RESTING!)
  • You're protecting your immune system from weakening
  • Preventing injury and over-training
What happens when you don't?
  • Muscle fibers that are broken down during your workout continue to get broken down thus not getting the results you are working so hard for
  • You are much more likely to pull or strain something.
  • Symptoms of over-training can happen such as mood swings, depression, pain in muscles and joints, and a lowered immune system
  • Motivation that you started out with can be lost by feeling burnt out
I learned the importance of resting the hard way. It wasn't until I was getting sick all of the time and pulling muscles before I understood that recovery needs to be a part of the program. rest LISTEN TO YOUR BODY If you are feeling run-down and it is not your designated rest day, break your rules and rest. There is a difference between feeling unmotivated, and feeling run-down. Listen to your body and know the difference. This can be a huge challenge for some, a challenge that needs to be taken. You will see greater results, and be a much healthier and happier person if you allow yourself to rest and recover.

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