Be Grateful And Train For What You Want

Equalizer Offer: Click here to get your Pink Equalizers!  Set your interval timer to 10 Seconds rest & 50 Seconds work. Complete the Following Circuit 3 time through. 1) Towel Crawl & Press Up – Using The BodyRock Equalizer 2) Tuck Abs & Tricep Dips – Using The BodyRock Equalizer 3) Jump through & back & 5x Squat – Using The BodyRock Equalizer 4) Crab Walk & Touch + 5 Reverse Push-Ups – Using The BodyRock Equalizer Set your interval timer to 10 Seconds rest & 50 Seconds work. Complete the Following Circuit once. 1) 3 Point Elaveted Plank Hold – Using The BodyRock Equalizer 2) Squat & Front Kick – Using The BodyRock Equalizer 3) 3 Point Elaveted Plank Hold – Using The BodyRock Equalizer   A lot of us get stuck feeling down because we don't have something that we would like in our lives. Maybe it's the body of our dreams or a romantic partner or a better job - whatever it is that we feel will bring us that deep sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. I'm here to tell you two things today: The first is that nothing that you can buy or posses - no matter how special you think that thing is - can bring you the sense of inner joy that you feel like you are lacking. Wether it's a person, place or thing it's always going to be external to you. Nothing on the outside of us can ever truly make us feel happy or complete on the inside. That's our job. That is between you and whatever sacred belief you hold. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that you can't enjoy driving a fancy car, cherish your friendships and love your partner, family or children deeply - but our inner feelings of self-worth and satisfaction are still our own to deal with. You can have everything on your list and still feel lost inside. The second and I think most important thing is that unless your ok with yourself right now in the present moment without having whatever it is that you want, getting it will be a let down. Ask yourself honestly: are you as thankful as you can be for what you already have? Or are you in a down and defeated attitude, one pity party away from throwing your rattle out of the play pen? I can guarantee you that there are plenty of people out the that would gladly upgrade their seat on the bus for your life. You have to be in a place where you can appreciate life's gifts before you can be truly grateful for any new blessings that will show up into your life. If your not grateful for what you already have you are not ready for what's on the way. Know that you are all that you need. Be grateful for what you have. If you are lonely like I know many of us are, accept being on your own and be ok with being your own best company. In short be good to yourself. The graces of the universe always seem to come when the heart is already full of gratitude and love. Have faith, keep rocking and good things will come your way. Enjoy today's training, Freddy

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