Beach Workout #2

How did everyone do on last week’s Beach workout? I’ve gotta tell you, with the HIIT workout and legs, I think I’ve been sore for a solid week! It’s a good hurt!

Last week I focused a little bit more on booty and legs.  This week I’m doing a little more upper body and core work. This workout is an addition to the Beach workout #1. It’s good to switch off and “shock your body.”

Typically I like to try and incorporate atleast 2 HIIT workouts per week, in addition to my regular gym workouts. If you’re like me, and don’t always have time to do that 2-aday.. Try and work these in, in the weekend. What’s better than having an awesome workout then laying out on the beach! HIIT It!

Elevated push-ups x 20

Dips x 20

Pine Push-Ups x 20 (on bench)

*Repeat x 3


Russian Twist x 50

Reverse Crunch x 25

Side crunch x 25 (each side)

Mountain Climbers x 20

* Repeat x 3

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