Bare Your Belly with Pride

You can pull off one of the hottest trends of the season - with a little work. When it comes to showing some skin, you’ve got to play by a few simple rules if you don’t want to be turning heads for all the wrong reasons. Yep, we’re talking about the midriff.

Here are 3 tips to master this trend:

1) Is this 1999? Are you Britney Spears? Do you want to be? If the answer to all these questions is NO, then don’t pair a midriff with low-rise jeans. Rock a higher waisted alternative. Not the dreaded ‘mom-jean’ but a fashionable alternative. Skirt or pants, think no less two fingers below your belly-button. Higher is cool. 2) If you don’t want your pasty midriff to stand out like a beacon, consider using Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs Lotion. It’s only $14 and is less permanent and risky than streaky self-tanners. 3) Unfortunately, all the airbrushing lotion in the world cannot hide a less than tight tummy. If you want to look stellar in your crop-top, you’re going to have to put some work into it. Try a cross knee plank to blast your core in one simple move. Come down to plank pose, being mindful to keep your shoulders over your wrists and your head aligned with your spine. Tuck your abs into your spine for the best ab workout. Bring your left foot off the floor, taking the knee up and across toward your right elbow. Take your foot back and then repeat the movement on the other side. Do 3 sets of 15 reps total most days of the week. As always, you’re going to want to watch your diet too! No amount of planking, crunching or twisting can undo poor nutrition!

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