Beat the Heat! 4 Tricks to Running Faster in Hot Weather

We've all seen those dedicated summer runners huffing down our block. Sweat drenched, just trying to make it through the last leg of their route. Humid days can make us tired before we even put on our running shoes. So how do we beat the heat and get a great workout in these temperate months? running #1 A Pre Workout Cool Off Grab a cold drink or refreshing popsicle before you start your run. A cool core can keep you running faster and for a longer stretch of time even under the hot sun! So don't wait until after your run to refresh yourself. #2 Cool Your Skin towel This is an even more impactful trick than having a cold drink. Take a towel and pop it in the freezer for a bit, then sling it around your neck pre-run to give you a soothing outer body chill. Runners swear by it! It's really effective if you're planning to run for longer than 30 minutes. #3 Optimize Your Warm-Up Even on those blistering hot days, a warm-up is still required. But you can tailor your warm-up to the weather, and make it shorter and faster. Do faster, higher intensity versions of your typical routine moves to get your heart pumping. If you usually do 30 butt kicks, drop it to 15 and amp up your speed. Don't skimp on your stretches though! #4 Take It Inside indoor gym Running outside has so many benefits! But on days when it's just too hot, you could be putting your health in danger. The harmful sun rays and risk of heat stroke should direct you to your nearest gym. A treadmill workout can give you the same results while you enjoy the wonders of central air. runningrunning   Do you have any tips for working out outside on hot summer days? What are your keep-cool tricks? Share them with us!

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