The world's oldest supermodel is ageless on the cover of New You.

The world's oldest supermodel is ageless on the cover of New You.

259221EA00000578-0-image-a-1-1423663110182 There has been lots of 'plus' size models these days, but now here is an older model. What do you guys think? I think it is great that an 83 year old woman feels confident enough to strut her stuff! I hope I look and FEEL half as good as she does at her age. 1325888148-elle-meets-carmen-dell-orefice__large Carmen has poise, grace, beauty and confidence that can only come with age. As the expression goes: beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art. After posing for Salvador Dali at age 13 and making her first Vogue cover appearance at age 15, Dell'Orefice's modeling career spanned for nearly 70 years.

Carmen Dell'Orefice is stunning as she talks about love, aging and having sex at 83.

Legendary supermodel  and New York native, Carmen Dell'Orefice, makes a beautiful appearance on the new edition of New You magazine.

The icon, who started modeling at 15, covered Vogue as a teenager, and is still working at the ripe age of 83, proving that age is but a number.

The 83-year-old puts her healthy gray hair on display as she discusses love, age, death, and goes on to make this shocking statement about having sex in her 80s;

"Of course I still have a sex life, why would I give that up. Do I love to breathe? If you have a Rolls Royce and it is up on wheels, you go in with the key and every now and then turn on the motor to make sure the motor is running. So when you want to drive the car, it is all oiled and ready".

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She rocks white and black fashionable pieces while posing beautifully for the camera showing us why she is a icon. Well,we can only hope to be just as beautiful and bold at that age. Check out the photos above.

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