Beautify that Butt and Amplify those Abs

In recent years, with the help of big booty/small waist celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj and J-Lo, there has been a more realistic body image and perception within the media (compared to the twig, lack of muscle inspirations of the past). We are finding with this change in trend the desire for workouts targeting those lovely backside lumps are in full swing.   Wish granted!!!   See below for some of my favorite butt and ab workouts. No equipment required for these, and the even better part is that you can do these anywhere. Whether at the gym, at home, traveling for work or on a hike like I was below – these are an easy addition to your everyday fitness regime. 12 minutes is all it takes - set your timers as follows -          6 exercises -          50 seconds INTENSE workout (give it all you got) -          10 second rest between exercise -          Repeat a total of two times -          For all the exercises that require you to switch sides you have three options (from easiest to hardest): 1 Switch sides each round 2 switch sides at the 25 second mark 3 – Do one side for the full 50 seconds and do the opposite for the second set of these exercises  **PS: Are you loving the outfit as much as I did? Big shoutout to Public Myth for the awesome gear! Scroll down for links to the leggings & sports bra** 1. One leg bridge Lie on your back on the ground with arms at sides, knees bent and your feet flat. Raise one leg off the ground and straight in the air. Drive through the heel, lifting your hips straight up in the air while squeezing your butt up to full extension. Return to the ground, switch sides and repeat. WO-1 (3 of 17) WO-1 (4 of 17) 2. Side plank elbow touch Begin on side plank on elbow with your feet stacked on top of each other and your top hand behind your head. Twist upper body to touch the ground with raised elbow. Return to start and repeat (switch sides for this at the 25 second mark)  WO-1 (5 of 17) WO-1 (6 of 17) 3. Pendulum lunges Start with feet together. Lunge forward into a front lunge and then back through into a back lunge without touching the ground. Lunge through to the front again without touching, repeat.  WO-1 (7 of 17) WO-1 (8 of 17) WO-1 (9 of 17) 4. Side to sides Lie on your back on the ground with arms straight at your sides, knees bent and your feet flat. While breathing out crunch your ab to one side until your hand touches your heel. Return to starting position and switch sides.  WO-1 (10 of 17) WO-1 (11 of 17) 5. Plank hip extension Begin in plank position on forearms with back straight and abs tight. Lift up one leg while keeping your straight back and squeezing the glute. Return to ground repeat. If you want to make this more challenging do not even touch the ground between reps. WO-1 (12 of 17) WO-1 (14 of 17) 6. All four kick back Begin on all fours with your back straight. Kick your leg back and up while squeezing your butt. Slowly lower down to the ground and repeat. If you want to make this more challenging do not even touch the ground between reps. WO-1 (15 of 17) WO-1 (17 of 17)    

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