The Beauty Booty Workout

Well, I have to admit building a Stronger, Firmer, Bubblier Beauty Booty has been quite a fun experience!   And I had great results in such a short period of time!   It's Amazing how exercise really Transforms your Body!   Training for me has always been my active meditation... I always believed, and still do, that aesthetics is a side effect of focused and disciplined training methods....   Butt, back to building a Beauty Booty! ;)   In my last this Link to read more 10 STEPS TO A BEAUTY BOOTY    I listed My Top 10 Exercises for developing Great Glutes and some of you asked for exercise images so here they all are....   But firstly, I want to apologize for being unclear with a workout breakdown in my last Blog as I never meant that you do all 10 exercises in one workout. These are simply the exercises I incorporated into my workouts for the past 4 weeks to get the great results I got.   I suggest choosing 4 out of these 10 exercises and incorporating them into your weekly workout 1-3 times a week.  

Weekly example:

Beginners: Start with no weight and do 1-2 sets and 12-15 reps (also start with one day a week of leg and glute training if you very new to this) Intermediate/advanced: 2-4 sets and 12-15 reps of each exercise 2-3 days a week **Note  with plyometric training you can do 1-2 sets. Also, remember you need to change the arrangement of the exercises each week to shock your muscles. I did 4 sets, not circuit style, with rest in between, but listen to your body....only you know your limit. I ask my clients every session if they were sore from last workout and where so I know what they can handle and if their joints are ok. Mastering form is first and increasing weight slightly each week while still mastering form is second...and the results? The results are just around the corner ;)

DAY 1 Monday

**Warm up 10-15 cardio of choice
  1. Barbell Back Squats
  2. Deadlifts
  3. DB Reverse lunge with knee drive
  4. Glute bridges

DAY 2 Thursday

**Warm up 10-15 cardio of choice
  1. Sumo squats
  2. DB Step up Knee drive
  3. Straddle squat jumps
  4. Cable Kickbacks

Day 3 Saturday

**Warm up 10-15 cardio of choice Treadmill fast runs .....4 sets of 2 minute fast runs. 2 minutes should be challenging but not all out. Finish with a 10 minute jog and some core work and a great stretch.  

Ok so here are the exercises.... I hope you find this helpful :)

  BARBELL BACK SQUATS - Major Booty Builder! Go below parallel if you have healthy joints to engage more gluteus maximus muscles. DSC00973DSC00971 BEGINNER BACK SQUAT- Prisoner Squat- Developing your posture is important before using an Olympic bar. DSC00980DSC00981 BODYROCKER BACK SQUAT! Use your Sandbag! DSC01018DSC01019   BARBELL DEADLIFTS- hinging at the hips, push you butt back keeping a slight bend in the knee and back flat. DSC00978DSC00979 BODYROCKER DEADLIFTS   DSC01020DSC01021   DB Reverse Lunge with Knee Drive- I LOVE this exercise! Bringing the knee up forces you to contract your glutes a little more. Also, challenges balance, co ordination, core and stabilizer muscles. DSC00986DSC00989 SUMO SQUAT- I love this one too! Really tightening up the inner thighs!   DSC00984DSC00985 DB HIGH STEP UPS With KNEE DRIVE- Again challenging your core and your glutes a little more with the knee coming up.   DSC00990DSC00991 PLATFORM SQUAT JUMPS- These are fun....use your arms to help you and always start with a low step or no step to start. DSC00996DSC00993 STRADDLE SQUAT JUMPS- Start with your butt low. It looks like I'm sitting on the step...but I'm not...starting with your butt low jump into standing position, step down and repeat. DSC00999DSC00998

GLUTE BRIDGES- You must master this one without weight first...then progress with weight. Squeeze your glutes and no arching your back!

DSC01002DSC01000 CABLE KICKBACKS- Squeeze your glutes! DSC01005DSC01003 DB SWINGS- This is a great glute exercise too...the only reason it didn't make my Top 10 is because of my SI Joint injury. Squeeeeze those glutes on this one too! DSC01007DSC01008 RUNNING - My FAV! DSC01015

I reached 37 inches in 4 weeks!

DSC00882                                          1795493_525509250901344_147035278_n  

Have Fun and Good Luck! :)

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