Beauty Breakdown: How to Keep Your Cosmetics Fresh

You may be aware that preservatives in products are not everlasting. But did you know that there are specific ways to ensure they last for the lengthiest amount of time? Cosmetics, for example, are not a bargain. A 2-in-1 is hard to come by, and even if we find a multi-purpose product, it's typically not what we're looking for. We want a specific product for everything. From our foundation routine to your eye routine, there are way too many components involved. And how often do we pick up a product and ask ourselves, "Wait, I just got this! How can it already be so gunky?" Save yourself trips to the store and unnecessary money purging with these simple tips to keep your products' preservatives lasting longer. 1. First, learn your product's expiration date. Cosmetics The date, which can be found on the packaging, tells you how long you can expect to use your product once opened. Here's a basic outline of what you'll typically find: Water-based foundation 12 months Oil-based foundation 18 months Powders (blush, bronzer, foundation) 24 months Fragrance 3 – 5 years Lipstick 12 – 18 months Pencil or Kohl eyeliner – 12 months Mascara – 3 months Liquid eyeliner – 3 months Cream blush and multiple sticks – 12 months Eyeshadow – 24 months Nail polish – 24 months 2. Here's how you can make them last longer. Foundation: Don't put your fingers near the neck of the bottle, rather allow the formula to drip onto the back of your hand. You can apply that way. Lipstick: Sounds weird, but keeping them in the butter container in your fridge will do the trick, since they are prone to drying out over time and are also prone to becoming bacteria ridden. Pencils: They melt in heat, so make sure to keep them away from your post-shower bathroom. Mascara: Many of us do it, but try not to pump the wand, which only allows air to enter the container,causing it to dry out faster. Liquid eyeliner: Keep it from drying out by storing the pen with the nib facing down. Powder blush/bronzer: Don't wash your brushes? Better start. The build up on them gets oil into your powder. And make sure to close your compact tightly, so excess air doesn't get in. Nail polish: If you make sure to clean off the rim of your bottle regularly with nail polish remover, you'll keep it from gathering build-up, which allows too much air into the bottle, drying out your polish. Perfume: Keep them out of the sun, which breaks down the preservatives in your scent. Have you found any beauty hacks for preserving your products longer? Source: Elle  

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