Beauty Hack: How to Fix Your Broken Lipstick

It's always a total bummer when your favourite lipstick decides to give up on you and break in half. You sigh with anger, disappointment and annoyance that your money has been wasted as you toss the tube into the trash. Don't you just wish you could wave a magic wand and have your favourite shade back in your hands, sans breakage? Well, now you sort of can. Grab your lighters girls. Take a look at the following images to get a simple visual of what to do. Just make sure you keep the lighter close to the two halves of the lipstick to ensure that the lipstick will melt. Be mindful, however, not to keep the lighter close for too long as it will fuse all the lipstick. After just a few seconds, join the two halves together and prepare to be amazed. Your lipstick is like new. Enjoy! Try this DIY method for fixing your broken lipstick. Have you tried this DIY method before? Source: Current Info  

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