Beauty Hack: The Experts Tell Us How to Treat a Pimple

You're almost out the door when you take a glance in the mirror and notice a pesky pimple staring you in the eye. WHAT? They never have good timing. We buy expensive creams and contraptions to control them, but sometimes they just appear no matter what we do. So, is there a way to deal with it without making our face a giant eyesore? From the experts themselves, here are a few tips for not gouging up your face! "The first action to take is cover the area with a cold, wet washcloth out of the refrigerator, or a cold, wet tea bag for three to five minutes every so often during the day," says Denise Rabor, makeup artist and founder of WOW Beauty. "This will help to reduce the inflammation," she advises. And what if you just can't stop looking at or touching it!? You're dying to squeeze it. Dr. Murad suggests only popping your pimple if it's a whitehead. "If your pimple is not at the surface, it will not heal properly," he explains. "Use heat, steam, and very gentle pressure from your fingertips (not nails) which should be covered with tissue. Push from all sides to extract the pimple." So now that you've gotten that thing popped, what do you do? "Once you have popped the pimple, it is very important to disinfect the area with an antibacterial solution like Salicylic Acid to get rid of any remaining grime to avoid the spread of bacteria, such as our Blemish Clearing Solution," Dr. Murad says. Are you a pimple popper? And do you follow these simple tips to ensure you don't mark up your face or spread the bacteria? Source: Daily Mail  

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