Beauty Hacks: 7 Tips for Making the Most of Your Mascara

Applying mascara can be a tricky task. We can put it on quickly and run out the door, but once you take a look in your rearview mirror as you drive off to work, you notice specs of black on your eyelids, or perhaps clumps of lashes leaving you with spider looking eyes. And if you spend far too much time re-applying your mascara until it creates the darkest, thickest layer in hopes of really making your eyes pop, you blow through your mascara too quickly! Save time and money by making the most of your mascara with these seven beauty hacks.   1. Make sure to always apply two coats of mascara for longer, thicker looking lashes. But, make sure to let your first coat dry first before applying the second layer. 2. If your mascara dries up, don't just throw it out. Make the most of the product by using the brush to comb out your eyebrows! 3. Dust powder onto your eyelashes before you apply your mascara. This will help pick them up, ensuring you get that extra length you're looking for. 4. Use your wand vertically for bottom lashes. 5. If you're out of eyeliner, you can use a flat brush to rub off excess mascara from the tube to create a gel eyeliner. 6. Keep your mascara wand clean by running it under hot water. 7. Use coconut oil to remove your mascara and hydrate your lashes. Do you have any additional beauty hacks for making the most of your mascara? Source: Miss Malini    

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